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2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championships – Day 1 Range Report

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The Trijicon World Shooting Championships is a first of it’s kind competition. Some of the best shooters from a wide range of shooting sports were gathered to shoot a multi-dicsipline match with provided guns and ammo. Very limited practice is allowed, as much as four practice or (more often) as little as no practice shots. There are three sections: rifle, pistol, and shotgun. In each section there are four stages for a total of 12 stages. There are also three additional side matches. Another wonderful thing about this match: my lovely wife Valerie was able to join me. She isn’t always able to come to competitions with me, so it’s a really fun time when she does. I really enjoy introducing her to the other shooters, because in all likelihood, I spent the last competition telling them all about her. I do adore my wife lots :).

With that brief introduction, I’ll tell you about how my first day went. We were split up into squads of about 10 shooters each; we shoot the whole competition with that same squad. I started the day off with Side Match 1 which was sponsored by Armalite. Five targets at about 25 yards with Armalite’s new AR-15 they designed for the 3 gun type sports. I did just fine and shot the whole thing in about 10 seconds. The fastest shooters did it in just 5 or 6 seconds.

For our next stage we shot the Bianchi stage, sponsored by FNH USA. For those unfamiliar with Bianchi, there is a target with a 3″ X-ring and about a 6″ ten ring, then an 8″ eight ring and the rest of the target is worth five points. The target is on a track and moves very quickly laterally for about 15 yards. It seemed to move at the speed of someone running. From 20 yards you have about 2 seconds or so to get three shots on target, you can only shoot while the target is visible. Having never shot a moving target before, this was extremely challenging for me. For the first 12 shots at 20 yards I was wokring to get a rythm and figure out how quickly I had to shoot. I actually shot a much smaller group and had a higher score on the second string which was fired from 25 yards. I ended up with a 188-3X out of a possible 240-24X. I was glad I didn’t have any misses. We shot an FNS-9 and we got two sighter shots before shooting for score.  There are some pictures of me with my Bianchi targets below.

The next stage we shot was the USPSA stage, sponsored by FNH USA and Trijicon. There were ten targets at varying distances up to about 20 yards and as close as about three yards. Some targets were only visible from one shooting location and the target most people shot last required a significant amount of leaning. In fact, most folks shot the last target on one foot while they were slowly landing there other. I shot the whole thing in about 28 seconds and I had all of my rounds on target. I do wish I would have got some sighters as all of my shots were low. After shooting the match I learned I had incorrectly understood the way the pistol was zeroed. The elevation zero was actually half way down the front sight on a dot, not at the top of the front sight as I had understood. The fastest pistol shooters shot this stage in about 14 seconds. We shot an FNS-9.

Our fourth and final stage for the day was the Bullseye pistol stage. One handed with a .45 1911 Colt Gold Cup at 25 yards, an abbreviated Camp Perry course of fire. I was really looking forward to this stage. As we arrived at the stage it was being packed up. Apparently there were some problems with the firearms (or the shooters?) and the pistol had frequent malfunctions. The match director decided that it would be best to remove that stage from the competition because of the high frequency of the malfunctions. One of the bullseye shooters on my squad speculated that those unfamiliar with shooting bullseye were likely inducing malfunctions by not holding onto the pistol properly; he indicating that when firing one handed the pistol does require a special grip in order to keep functioning properly.

This was a lot of fun so far. I’m very out of my element with the pistol matches, but it’s very fun to challenge myself with these different disciplines.  Some pictures from the day are below.


The scores can be tracked here:, search for TWSC.

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