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2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championships – Day 3 Range Report

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Before I tell you about today’s shooting, be sure you like our facebook page and check out our youtube channel.  I post shorter updates with different content to facebook and I’m posting videos of the match to facebook and youtube.  Facebook pages and youtube channel are linked below:

Today was rough.  Today I likely had my lowest scoring events of the entire competition; it was just a very challenging day.  It wasn’t all bad though. We started the say with a side match shooting and Alexander Arms .338 Lapua semi-auto rifle at targets from 700 to 800 yards away.  There were three targets, one USPSA sized silhouette, and two steel gongs that were about four feet wide by two feet high.  The goal was simple, hit all three targets as quick as possible.  We were told that the fastest time was less than 6 seconds, so we really needed to hurry to beat that.  If you wait until you can hear the sound of the impact on each shot you could only get two shots off in less than 6 seconds, so that means in order to beat that you had to shoot, assume a hit and move on.  Furthermore, this was a side match, so you could play it a little more risky since it only mattered if you got first place or not first place.  I took the more risky approach and fired then moved on.  After hitting my second target I realized I hadn’t hear a “clang” from my first target.  At that point I was out of the competition so I did a long range mag dump on the furthest target :).  The spotters were confused but called hit over and over until I ran it empty.  Since the goal of this entire match (for me) is to have fun, we can say mission accomplished on this stage.

The next stage was NSCA 5 Stand.  I practiced 5 stand some at home before coming out so I was hopeful that I’d be able to get a decent (non-train wreck) score.  There were five machines, four throwing diagonally away and one throwing straight away.  We shot one single, one report pair, and one true pair from each of the five stands, for a total of 25 birds.  I hit 9 out of 25.  Interestingly, I hit most of them at just two stands where I hit a few combos of both birds in the report pair and both birds in the true pair.  I posted a video of one of these pairs to my facebook page, check it out at the link above.  This was a difficult stage for many shooters.

After that disappointment we moved on to Wobbles Trap Doubles.  It is noteworthy that this isn’t even a real event.  When I was getting ready for this I stopped by Seattle Skeet and Trap and shot saw wobbles trap (continental trap) and trap doubles, but there is no such thing as Wobbles Trap Doubles.  At any rate, this imagined event was very hard.  I saw a lot of very good shooters with 5 or less broken birds.  I ended up with 6 out of 30, hardly a respectable score.  I could go into a long explanation of why I think it was so hard for all of us, but it’s easier to say that in general we were unprepared for that event.

The last event for the day was a Tactical Shotgun event.  We shot the FNH P-12 shotgun at falling steel targets about 10-15 yards away.  There were 6 rounds loaded in the pump action shotgun and 6 targets down range.  We had to pick up the gun, take it off of safe and knock over the targets as quick as we could.  We had three runs and our stage score was the total time from all three runs.  I was pleased with how I did, I had two runs that were each under 7 seconds and a third run of about 8 seconds where I had to take one pick up shot as I missed the first steel target.  This was a very fun stage to shoot as I hadn’t shot a pump action like that before.

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