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2015 Fullbore Nationals Day 1

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First post from Camp Perry!  I’ve been wildly busy each night with fun team events and such so I’ve not been able to get anything written up until this evening.

I first got to Camp Perry on 8/1 and I shot the last match of the long range nationals (the individual Palma) as my first practice match.  It went pretty well, although I didn’t win the relay roulette game and I ended up on a particularly tough relay at 1000 yards.  I don’t think any of the top scores came off my relay, or at least I didn’t create one.

Pics from day one:

On 8/2 we had a team Palma match where we shot with our squad as we will in the big match (the world championships!) in two weeks.  I hate to sound like a downer, but it didn’t really go all that well for the great USA.  Great Britain has been consistently kicking our butts in team matches for a numbers of years; they are good at it (more on this later).  If the team Palma on 8/2 was any indication of how we will fair in the team world championships, it’s not looking all that hot for the USA.  Results are here:

I’m trying to be very critical of myself during this as I’m trying a lot of new things.  I’ve previously worn contacts with a very minor correction while I shoot, I switched to corrective shooting glasses a few weeks ago (Decot sportglasses if you’re curious  I also did something a little more major, I changed the stock on my rifle.  Since 2009 I’ve been using a Masten prone stock donated by MT Guns.  The stock has worked well for me over the years and I’ve never had any real complaints, but I’d never tried anything different either.  I had just such an opportunity recently to try a McGee offset stock which Chesebro Rifles had in stock when they put my new barrel on (  The way this stock fits my face is much more comfortable.  I can get closer to the rear sight without getting bumped by it.  Also, my face can rest on the cheek piece much more comfortably.  This is a lot of change right before the world championships.  Things seem to be going well.  I’ve shot some really small groups so far and feedback from the coach says I’m doing fine.


Today, 8/3/15, was the first day of the Fullbore Nationals here at Camp Perry.  There were some logistics issues at the range, but I think the folks working that need us shooters to give them some more grace.  Many of the line officials are volunteers and they put in long, long days on the range simply because they love the sport and want to help out.  It was a bumpy start, but it will all get sorted out and I’m no less thankful for all of their efforts.  In fact, I’ll have to make sure I thank some of them tomorrow on the range.  Today we shot 300 yards, 500 yards, and 900 yards.  We got two convertible practice shots (sighter shots) and 15 shots for score at each yard line.   I’ve previously typed up what this means, so here are links to two posts from last year where I explain some of the fullbore shenanigans:

Also, here is a link to a blog by Gary Rasmussen, shooting phenom and my coach on the Palma team:

Today went pretty good shooting wise.  At 300 yards I shot a 75-10V out of 75-15V and that was good for 17th place.  I shot a perfect score and 2/3 of my shots went into a tiny little 2.5” bullseye 300 yards away and that was only good enough for 17th place; there are some incredible shooters here.  At 600 yards the wind was a little tricky so I was quite please to keep them all in the center and finish with a 75-9V out of 75-15V.  Many folks lost a point or two here and not doing that is a leg up in this match.  900 yards was interesting as expected.  The first 2 or 3 shooters shot in relatively little wind.  Many high V perfect scores were shot.  I scored for the guy who won it, shooting a 75-13V.  I barely saw him touch his wind knob and he put them all in the center, great shooting really!  It was a different story for the remaining groups.  The wind picked up, then had a big switch from east to west before stabilizing at a higher velocity wind out of the west.  The range went nearly silent during the ~5 minute long switch.  I think I only hear 3 or 4 gun shots in that time.  Everyone knew you’d be throwing away points if you shot at that time.  I shot dead last in a pretty consistent ~10 mph wind out of the west south west.  I didn’t shoot a perfect score, but in the conditions I was pleased with my 73-8V.  It was the best I could do, so it will have to be good enough for now.

I took some pictures of a very interesting rifle I saw and a score that it shot, I’ll have to comment on that later as it’s getting late.  Home made rifle using a drill press, belt sander, and industrial sized hydraulic press.  I’ll leave it at that for now

Scores can be tracked here:

Pics from day today:

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