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2015 Palma Championships Day 1

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8/11 was the last day of the world long range championships.  Going into the last 1000 yard match I was in 14th place apparently!  Well that wasn’t going to last long, the last 1000 yard string kicked my butt.  The wind was extremely challenging and I was not on top of it.  I dropped to 33rd place after shooting a 69-2V.  It was a disappointing finish, but I was working as hard as I could, it was just a very challenging condition.  Finishing 33rd in the world isn’t necessarily bad, the 400+ people here represent the best each nation has to offer with regards to long range shooters and it turns out I can count myself among their top ten percent.

8/12 was a practice day for the Palma teams.  We shot practice at 800, 900, and 1000 yards.  It was a good practice, the team is looking good.  I’m very excited to be part of the team and it’s a real honor to shoot alongside some of the best our country and the world has to offer.

8/13 was the first day of the Palma Team match.  This is a very prestigious match with history going back over 100 years.  We shot very well at 800 yards and we shot pretty well at 900 yards.  At 1000 yards we struggled a little, but we aren’t totally out of it just yet.  While I was on the line at 1000 yards the wind was very twitchy and we had a cease for at least 15 minutes wherein I baked in the sun.  When I got up from shooting my clothes were soaked through with sweat.  I was glad to finally fire my last shot.  This is a marathon match which will continue all day tomorrow.  Tomorrow, my birthday, we will shoot the whole course again.

Some pictures are here:

Here is a link to a blog by Gary Rasmussen, shooting phenom and my coach on the Palma team:

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