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2015 World Long Range Championships Day 3

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The 1000 yard match I shot at the end of yesterday was thrown out.  After I shot and left the rain really dumped on folks and there were enough cease fires called (for boats in the impact area) that they decided to just cancel the match.  The net result of this is that today’s 800 yard match was canceled so that we’d shoot 900 yards once and 1000 yards twice today.

One especially fun thing happened today; I converted all of my sighter shots.  What does that mean?  At the beginning of each string of 15 scored shots, we get 2 practice shots (called sighter shots) and if those sighter shots are good we can elect to keep them.  Today, at both 900 yards and 1000 yards, on three different occasions in three different wind conditions, my first shots landed within just a few inches of the center of the bullseye.  This is particularly wonderful and while there won’t be any awards given for this, it is really encouraging as a shooter.  If I was a sniper, having my first round land within just a few inches of my aiming mark would be absolutely necessary.  Since I’m just a target shooter, and I use no scope and no bipod, it’s all the more interesting and exciting that I was able to do this!  God really has given me a fun and exciting talent!

At the morning’s 900 yard match the wind was relatively calm.  I shot carefully and ended up with a 75-10V.  That may be good for about 100th place J.

At 1000 yards, things changed quite a bit.  The first string at 1000 yards was pretty calm, but it was tricky.  I fought hard for it and ended up with a 74-8V.  I lost one point where I missed the wind, but I didn’t feel too terrible about it.

On the second 1000 yard string it was much trickier.  We are allotted 23 minutes to fire all of our shots.  I fired my last shot with about 15 seconds to go.  I was spending most of my time waiting and not shooting.  The wind would change direction and speed very drastically and I felt like I could sort of tell what was happening.  I may have understood it, but it was also part of my strategy to simply avoid shooting when I could see that others were losing lots of points to the wind.  After my first ten shots I hadn’t dropped a point, and then on my 11th shot, I got caught pretty big with a wind change that I missed.  The change was so quick, it changed in the 5-10 seconds between when I checked the wind and when I made my shot.  At any rate I ended that string with a 72-6V and I felt pretty bad about it.  It turns out, that was about 50th place for that match, out of 400 of the best long range shooters in the world, which is saying something.  The wind was tricky, really tricky.

So after day three of the world long range championships I’m actually sitting in about 20th place overall.  There is still one more 900 yard string and another 1000 yard string to go.  With that in mind, just about anything can still happen, so we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow holds!

Scores for the grand aggregate of the world long range championships are here:

Scores can be tracked here:

Also, here is a link to a blog by Gary Rasmussen, shooting phenom and my coach on the Palma team:

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