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WordPress forced and update to my site and many links were broken.  I’m pretty busy with a new son, grad school, and my day job, so I’ve chosen not to hire someone to fix it.  My website intentionally stinks.

I’m still offering personal firearms shopping services and it’s still wonderfully fun for me.  I am, however, only taking on new customers when they are referred by an existing customer.  Leaving my website broken and taking fewer customers are measures I’m taking to make sure that my small business is right sized for how much time I can spend on it and to make sure that I can still give good customer service to the customers I do help.

The contact form does work, but all other contact information has been removed from this website for the reasons described above.


Why did I change the business model?

Small business retail sales proved difficult with the time I was able to spend advertising and helping customers, so something needed to change. I wasn’t providing great customer service and I wasn’t making money; both are needed for a viable business.

Where is Kelly’s Gun Sales going?

Low volume, super high customer service, that is where we are going. Have you ever wanted a concierge for the firearms industry? Have you ever used a personal shopper for clothing or something else and then wished one existed for shooting sports? In short it works like this:

We talk and define general and specific requirements for your purchase (planned use, worst case use, budget, timeline, etc.) then I sift through the thousands of options which exist in the market looking for the ones that best meet your needs. I typically narrow it down to three or so options and present them along with my reasoning and my recommendations. We come to a consensus on what fits your needs/desires, then I source the products and get them all setup. If we just built you a full setup (say a rifle), then we meet on the rifle range for a coaching session so you can test drive your new rifle. You take home your new firearm knowing that it is 100% ready to go and that you’ve got everything you need.

It’s like, if you can imagine, buying a high end sports car. The salesman would make sure the car was setup just right for you and you may even get a track day with the car. I’m trying to do something like that, but for the firearms industry.

I call it the white glove gun buying experience.