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Ammo, Holsters, Reloading Gear and More

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I’ve got lots of new inventory and I’d also like to point out some of what I have in stock regularly.  Please check out some of the products I’ve linked below and spend some time looking around my site next time you need anything.  I’d especially like to point out some of the AR-15 parts I’ve got in stock like the Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Groups, Chrome Lined Barrels, and Stripped Uppers.  Please ask if there is anything you need that you don’t see below or can’t find on my site.  With Top Shot ending, I’ve discounted many items and given free shipping on all Stripped Uppers.

Exploding Targets

Shockwave 1 lbTannerite 1 lb 4 pk

Tannerite 2 lbTannerite 1/2 lb 4 pk

Reloading Bullets/Brass

Sierra .224 50 gr BlitzKing/500

Sierra .224 52 gr HPBT/100Sierra .224 52 gr HPBT/500

Sierra .224 55 gr HPBT/50Hornady .224 55 gr SP/100

Sierra .224 69 gr HPBT/100

Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT/50Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT/500

Sierra .224 80 gr HPBT/50Sierra .224 90 gr HPBT/50

Sierra .308 155 gr HPBT/500Sierra .308 165 gr SBT/100

Sierra .308 180 gr SPT/100

Hornady 9mm 115 gr FMJ/100Sierra 9mm 124 gr FMJ/100

Winchester .308 Brass 50 pieces

Loaded Ammo

.223/5.56 55 gr FMJ 20 rds .223/5.56 55 gr FMJ 50 rds

.223/5.56 68 gr HPBT Match 50 rds

AR-15 Parts/Accessories

Complete .22 LR Upper

Complete AR-15 Build Kit (just add lower)

Windham Weaponry LPKCMMP Basic LPKBlack Dawn LPK

CMMG 2-stage Trigger LPK

CMMG AR-10 2-stage Trigger LPK

300 Blackout Stripped UpperBlack Dawn Stripped UpperRobar NP3 Stripped Upper

Black Dawn Upper Parts Kit

Black Dawn Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier GroupShadow Ops Weaponry Bolt Carrier Group

Black Dawn Low Profile Gas Block

Black Dawn AR-15 Barrel

Burris AR Tactical Scope


Tapco AK-47 30 rd Polymer Mag

ProMag 30 rd Polymer AR magProMag 42 rd Polymer AR magSteel 30 rd AR Mag


Bianchi Glock 19Leather IWB w/snap Glock

IWB Fobus GlockOWB Leather w/snap Glock

Hearing Protection:

Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Peltor Tactical Electronic Muffs

Pro 200 Electronic MuffsCamo Electronic Muffs

Zombie Green Electronic MuffsSmartReloader Electronic Muffs

-Kelly Bachand, Owner of Kelly’s Gun Sales

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