Small Business Saturday Sale 2014

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Small Business Saturday Sale

11/29/14     10AM – 5PM

596 Industry Drive Suite 220

Tukwila, WA 98188

Anderson Manufacturing Stripped Lowers just $54.79, that’s $60 out the door!

Federal Auto Match 22LR 325 rounds just $41.08, that’s $45 out the door!

.40 S&W 180 gr FMJ 50 rounds just $16.43, that’s $18 out the door!

.45 ACP 230 gr FMJ 50 rounds just $18.26, that’s $20 out the door!

IMR 4895 gun powder 1 pound just $27.38, that’s $30 out the door!

Forged steel reloading press, does up to 50 BMG just $59.36, that’s $65 out the door!


I’ve also got primers, targets, AR-15 magazines, Mini-14 magazines, exploding targets, stripped uppers, and more.  As my business model is changing going into 2015 I’m trying to liquidate the inventory I have.  I’ll be selling everything at my cost or just barely above it.

I’ll also be taking orders of firearms over the next week or two if you’d like to make any final purchases before the rigors of I594 become effective.

Stripped lowers and 22LR can be pre-ordered online until 11/28/14 at midnight and then they will be available on a first come first serve basis on 11/29/14.

Pre-Order Anderson Stripped Lower

Pre-Order Federal Auto Match 22LR


With questions or special orders, you can email me at or call at 206-486-6887.

*heavily discounted prices include cash discount. On this day only there will be a 2% fee for credit cards.

New Policies & Reasonably Priced Pistols

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The About Page has been updated with new information about how we will do business.  In particular, our contact information is easier to find and our FFL Transfer fees are explained.  Handgun transfers are $40 with your WA CPL or $60 without.  Long gun transfers are $40.  If we can buy the firearm for you and sell it to you direct, we’d prefer to do that rather than transfer it from another seller.

Also we are running our first few promotions.  I will try not to over-hype this one, but I think these are some pretty awesome prices on the pockets pistols and also on the XD.  Only the 9mm XD is listed, but the .40 is the same price, just ask us about it.  Also, only the DB380 pistols are listed, but I have the DB9 pistols too, they are $35 more than their .380 counterparts, just ask about them.  These sale prices are good through July 1st at Midnight.

Diamondback DB380 Black $289.99

Diamondback DB380EX EX/Black $299.99

Springfield Armory XD 9mm 4″ $419.99

Business Update from KGS

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It’s been a little while since I was able to give you an update on the business.  Being an accountant, my wife is taking over some of the financial matters of the business so “I” has become “we”.  We were finally able to lease some commercial space that we will use to get our Federal Firearms License.  We confidently mailed in our application today.

It may not have seemed like much to you, but the business each of you gave us over the last year really added up.  We’ve been able to buy inventory which we take to the Washington Arms Collectors gun shows about once a month and also list for sale on our website.  We’ve invested some of the profits to redesign our modest website; we know it still needs some improvements, but we’re getting there.  Most recently, we’ve leased commercial space in Tukwila, WA from where we will get our FFL.  None of this would have been possible without your support.

We know you didn’t have to give us your business.  We know it was a deliberate choice on your part to support our young, burgeoning business.  For that, we sincerely thank you.

We hope to be able to give you some great news soon; we could be buying/selling firearms as soon as 60 to 120 days from now.  Until then, our current inventory is posted here and it is updated every few weeks with the new items we buy.  If there is anything you need or that you would like my help picking out, please let me know.


Kelly Bachand

Ammo, Holsters, Reloading Gear and More

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I’ve got lots of new inventory and I’d also like to point out some of what I have in stock regularly.  Please check out some of the products I’ve linked below and spend some time looking around my site next time you need anything.  I’d especially like to point out some of the AR-15 parts I’ve got in stock like the Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Groups, Chrome Lined Barrels, and Stripped Uppers.  Please ask if there is anything you need that you don’t see below or can’t find on my site.  With Top Shot ending, I’ve discounted many items and given free shipping on all Stripped Uppers.

Exploding Targets

Shockwave 1 lbTannerite 1 lb 4 pk

Tannerite 2 lbTannerite 1/2 lb 4 pk

Reloading Bullets/Brass

Sierra .224 50 gr BlitzKing/500

Sierra .224 52 gr HPBT/100Sierra .224 52 gr HPBT/500

Sierra .224 55 gr HPBT/50Hornady .224 55 gr SP/100

Sierra .224 69 gr HPBT/100

Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT/50Sierra .224 77 gr HPBT/500

Sierra .224 80 gr HPBT/50Sierra .224 90 gr HPBT/50

Sierra .308 155 gr HPBT/500Sierra .308 165 gr SBT/100

Sierra .308 180 gr SPT/100

Hornady 9mm 115 gr FMJ/100Sierra 9mm 124 gr FMJ/100

Winchester .308 Brass 50 pieces

Loaded Ammo

.223/5.56 55 gr FMJ 20 rds .223/5.56 55 gr FMJ 50 rds

.223/5.56 68 gr HPBT Match 50 rds

AR-15 Parts/Accessories

Complete .22 LR Upper

Complete AR-15 Build Kit (just add lower)

Windham Weaponry LPKCMMP Basic LPKBlack Dawn LPK

CMMG 2-stage Trigger LPK

CMMG AR-10 2-stage Trigger LPK

300 Blackout Stripped UpperBlack Dawn Stripped UpperRobar NP3 Stripped Upper

Black Dawn Upper Parts Kit

Black Dawn Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier GroupShadow Ops Weaponry Bolt Carrier Group

Black Dawn Low Profile Gas Block

Black Dawn AR-15 Barrel

Burris AR Tactical Scope


Tapco AK-47 30 rd Polymer Mag

ProMag 30 rd Polymer AR magProMag 42 rd Polymer AR magSteel 30 rd AR Mag


Bianchi Glock 19Leather IWB w/snap Glock

IWB Fobus GlockOWB Leather w/snap Glock

Hearing Protection:

Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Peltor Tactical Electronic Muffs

Pro 200 Electronic MuffsCamo Electronic Muffs

Zombie Green Electronic MuffsSmartReloader Electronic Muffs

-Kelly Bachand, Owner of Kelly’s Gun Sales

Hearing Protection

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Many have asked: What type of ear plugs does Kelly Bachand wear on Top Shot All Stars?  I wear a custom molded ear plug that exactly fits my inner ear and provides a great level of protection.  When I’m teaching classes I often wear those ear plugs and a set of electronic ear muffs so that I am well protected and so that I can hear what my students are saying easily.  The electronic ear muffs block louder noises and amplify the more quiet noises.  If you’d like the same level of protection please check out these ear plugs and ear muffs I sell in my online store:

Custom molded earplugs kit

Radians Blue/White KitRadians Tan Kit

Electronic ear muffs

SmartReloader BlackSmartReloader Red

Pro Ears ZombieRadians CamoPro Ears Black

Peltor Tactical SportPro Ears Pink ProPro Ears Black ProPeltor Tactical Pro

Latest Additions and Current Inventory

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I’ve recently got some great products in stock and added new manufacturers to my store. Please check out some of the links below for more information. As always simply ask if there is anything you’re looking for; I’d love to help you find exactly what you need.

Black Dawn Stripped UpperRobar NP3 Coated Stripped Upper

*Coupon code BDAWN10 for $10 off $100 of Black Dawn products, or BDAWN20 for $20 off $150 of Black Dawn products

.224 55 Gr Bullets9mm 125 Gr BulletsSierra Bullets

AR-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Group (Full Auto)AR-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Group (Full Auto)

SmartReloader Omega 800 Press

Otis MSR/AR Cleaning SystemOtis Tactical Cleaning SystemOtis 300 BLK Cleaning System

5.56 55Gr FMJ Ammo357 Mag 125 Gr FMJ Ammo

Exploding TargetsMetal TargetsPaper Targets

Aimpoint SightsEOTech Sights and Lights

Leupold Optics and MountsWeaver Optics and Mounts

Remember to check out Kelly Bachand on the History Channel’s Top Shot All Stars!

Save Big!

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I’ve got some great deals on discontinued items that are still brand new. These are great items from 30% to 70% off regular retails prices. I’ve put some samples below, but there are way too many to show them all. I suggest you use the first link below and search for your favorite manufacturers.

Discontinued Items (Search By Manufacturer)

Browning Gear:

HD Shooting Glasses

Tattered Brown CapTattered Pink Cap

Camo CapMossy Oak CapBrown CapTaupe Cap

Med Olive GreenLarge Olive GreenXL Black

Med Desert TanLarge Desert TanXL Desert Tan

Pistols and Pumps Clothes:

Assortment of Clothes

Nextorch Flashlights:

1AA USB Rechargeable3AAA USB Rechargeable

Meyerco Knives

Butcher Set

Remember to check out Kelly Bachand on the History Channel’s Top Shot All Stars!

Massive Savings On Closeouts!

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Discontinued Items (Search By Manufacturer)

Claim up to 60% off MSRP by buying brand new but discontinued/closeout items. Use the link above to search by your favorite shooting sports and outdoors gear manufacturer. There are some great deals on knives, optics, clothes, flashlights, and much more. Please ask if there is anything in particular you need!

Remember to check out Kelly Bachand on the History Channel’s Top Shot All Stars!

Start Reloading Smartly With SmartReloader

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Reloading Gear

Omega 800 Kit


Smart C-Press

Smart Omega 800Smart Omega 800 (Local Stock)

Smart Mark XVI

Other Tools:

Priming Tool


Powder Funnel

Bullet Puller

Media Separator



Digital ScaleScale/Dispenser

Ammo boxes:

9mm Box45 ACP Box

223 Box30-06 Box

Remember to check out Kelly Bachand on the History Channel’s Top Shot All Stars!