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Google Knows

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They know, they really do.

I got a phone call from Google today; they were seeking to confirm information I had used to create a Google listing for my business, Kelly’s Gun Sales.

I previously confirmed all of this information so I asked why I needed to re-confirm and they said they had “noticed a decrease in internet traffic to and relating to [my] business” so they “wanted to make sure nothing had changed and that the business was still operating as it had previously.”

Why was there a “decrease in internet traffic to and relating to [my] business”? Well, following our home purchase at the end of 2014 I have basically put by business on hold, only servicing repeat loyal customers, but seeking no new ones and not making any advertising efforts at all. Google knew. I’m planning a significant business model change and I hinted at it here, but maybe Google already knew…

Maybe for a moment we can confuse them by creating a spike “internet traffic to and relating to [my] business” today. Well, probably not, but we tried.

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