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Many have asked: What type of ear plugs does Kelly Bachand wear on Top Shot All Stars?  I wear a custom molded ear plug that exactly fits my inner ear and provides a great level of protection.  When I’m teaching classes I often wear those ear plugs and a set of electronic ear muffs so that I am well protected and so that I can hear what my students are saying easily.  The electronic ear muffs block louder noises and amplify the more quiet noises.  If you’d like the same level of protection please check out these ear plugs and ear muffs I sell in my online store:

Custom molded earplugs kit

Radians Blue/White KitRadians Tan Kit

Electronic ear muffs

SmartReloader BlackSmartReloader Red

Pro Ears ZombieRadians CamoPro Ears Black

Peltor Tactical SportPro Ears Pink ProPro Ears Black ProPeltor Tactical Pro

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