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New Policies & Reasonably Priced Pistols

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The About Page has been updated with new information about how we will do business.  In particular, our contact information is easier to find and our FFL Transfer fees are explained.  Handgun transfers are $40 with your WA CPL or $60 without.  Long gun transfers are $40.  If we can buy the firearm for you and sell it to you direct, we’d prefer to do that rather than transfer it from another seller.

Also we are running our first few promotions.  I will try not to over-hype this one, but I think these are some pretty awesome prices on the pockets pistols and also on the XD.  Only the 9mm XD is listed, but the .40 is the same price, just ask us about it.  Also, only the DB380 pistols are listed, but I have the DB9 pistols too, they are $35 more than their .380 counterparts, just ask about them.  These sale prices are good through July 1st at Midnight.

Diamondback DB380 Black $289.99

Diamondback DB380EX EX/Black $299.99

Springfield Armory XD 9mm 4″ $419.99

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