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We Got Our FFL!

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It’s been just over three months since we let you all know we had re-applied for our Federal Firearm License, our FFL.

I’m very excited to let you know that as of today we are fully licensed in every capacity necessary to sell firearms!

We received our FFL in mid-April and then immediately applied for our Washington State Firearms Dealer License.  We received our WA State license earlier this week and then just today we received the rest of the paperwork that will allow us to start transferring firearms.

We have in mind to run some promotions and have an online and in-person grand opening event/sale.  We will be working on the details for that event and should be sending out another announcement and advertising such an event within a week or two.

In the near term, most of the firearms we sell will be sold to-order.  That means we likely won’t have a bunch of them in inventory.  This is just a matter of how young our business is; when we have more capital to invest in inventory, we will do exactly that.

If you’re in the market for a firearm, please consider contacting us and buying the firearm through us.  We can transfer firearms that are bought somewhere else, but our preference is to sell you the firearm, ammo, targets, etc. that you need.  A small portion of the firearms we can get are already up on our site, you can see those here: Firearms at KGS Online and you can initiate the purchase through the website.  At the bottom of this post is a list of some of the firearms we can get right now, in most cases we can have those firearms in a week or less.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you find.

Firearms manufacturers list:

Adcor, American Tactical, Anderson Mfg., Armalite, Armscor, Arsenal, Auto-Ordnance, Beretta, Bersa, Black Dawn, Black Rain Ordnance, Bond Arms, Browning, Bushmaster, Century, Charles Daly, Charter Arms, Chiappa, Cimarron, Citadel, CMMG, Inc., Colt Competition, Colt Sporting Rifles, CVA, CZ, CZ USA, Daniel Defense, Del-Ton, Diamondback Firearms, Doubletap Defense, DPMS, Escort, European American, FNH USA, FosTech Outdoors, Glock, GSG, H&R, Heckler & Koch, Heizer Firearms, Henry, Henry Repeating Arms, Heritage, Hi-Point, Howa, I.O., ISSC, Ithaca Guns, Iver Johnson, Just Right Carbines, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Keystone, KRISS, LHR Sporting Arms, M&M, Inc., Marlin, Master Piece Arms, Metro, MGI, Mossberg, NEF, Noreen, North American, Palmetto State Armory, Panther Arms, Para Ordnance, Parabellum Armament, Patriot Ordnance, Plinker, Puma, Remington, Rock Island Armory, Rossi, Ruger, RWC, Savage Arms, SCCY, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Stevens, Steyr, Taurus, Taylors & Co., Thompson/Center Arms, Tikka, TR Imports, Tristar, Troy Defense, USSG, Vepr, Walther, Weatherby, Winchester, Windham Weaponry

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